2010     B.F.A., School of Fine and Applied Art, Bangkok University, Thailand
             Related Subjects : Art Management, Graphic and Communication
             Design, Inventory Management, Also Coordinate Art project


Group Exhibitions

2014   · A Drawing Show , Yeo Workshop, Gillman Barracks, Singapore
2013   · Sweet Nightmare, Bangkok University Art Gallery, Bangkok
           · Things, 338oida Gallery, Bangkok
           · Spot Art 2013, Artium@MICA, Singapore
2012   · Thaitai Fever-Stage Two:The Politics (Drama) of a Certain Site,
             Open-Contemporary Art Center, Bangkok 
           · Brand New Art Project2012, Numthong Gallery at Aree, Bangkok
           · Photography Exhibition by Nopadon Kaosam-ang, A.E.Y. Space, Songkhla
2011   · Sakid Think, Degree Project Exhibitions, Super Product CO.,LTD, Bangkok
2010   · Show-Fun-num-nom, Bangkok University Gallery, Rungsit Campus
2008   · Bualung 101 Outstanding Artist, The Bangkok Bank Foundation and
             Queen Sirikit and Gallery, Bangkok (Thailand)
2009   · Pird jook Printmaking, Bangkok University Gallery, Rungsit Campus​




2010    Art Educational Grant, The Praem Rawat Foundation , Bangkok