Solo Exhibitions

2017    Corpuscles and Waves / Nim Kruasaeng,
            curated by Pier Luigi Tazzi, Nova Contemporary, Bangkok, Thailand
2009    Nim Kruasaeng and a friend, (Mit Jai Inn),
             curated by Jennie Guy, Stone Gallery, Dublin Ireland
2009    Fan Koo (with Emanuele Becheri)
​            curated by Pier Lugi Tazzi, Fabio Tiboni Arte Contemporanea, Bologna, Italy
2008    Collectife Nai, Chateaulin, France
2007  · Trance-Formations , Gallery VER , Bangkok, Thailand            
          · Jennie Guy Contemporary, Dublin, Ireland
2005    Hariphunchai National Museum Lamphun, Thailand
2003    The Land Foundation, Chiang Mai, Thailand
2002    The Cecille R. Hunt Gallery, Webster University, St. Louis MO, USA
2001    Siam Art Space Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
2000    Gallery 253, Bangkok, Thailand




Group Exhibitions

2013  · Sundaram Tagore Gallery, New York, TRESHOLDS
2013  · Sundaram Tagore Gallery, Hong Kong, TRESHOLDS
2012  · Retro VER-Spective, Gallery VER, Bangkok Thailand · 338 Oida Gallery,
             opening with Mit Jai inn, Pier Luigi Tazzi, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Bangkok,
2010  · Ripresa, Fondazione Lanfranco Baldi, Pelago (Florence) Italy
             curated by Pier Luigi Tazzi
          · I giovani Isan, Fondazione Lanfranco Baldi,
             curated by Maitree Siriboon and Pier Luigi Tazzi, Pelago (Florence) Italy
          · Imagine Place curated by Rirkrit Tiravanija,
            BACC Bangkok Art And Culture Center, Bangkok, Thailand
2009  · Young Ladies, Old Chaps and Some Thai Friends,
            curated by Pier Luigi Tazzi, Spazio A, Pistoia, Italy 2008
           · All Our Everydays, curated by Pier Luigi Tazzi, Gallery VER,
             Bangkok, Thailand 2007
           · STARs, 100 Tonson, Bangkok, Thailand
2004   · Gallery Kubinski, Berlin, Germany
2003  · T. Garden Project, The Land Foundation, Chiang Mai, Thailand
2000  · Ignoring Borders, Kevin Morris Gallery, New York, USA




Artist Book

Rirkrit Tiravanija Nim Kruasaeng, VER editions, Bangkok, 2007.