b. 1983, Bangkok, Thailand

Parinot Kunakornwong is a conceptual artist that works in a variety of mediums, whose artistic practice is influenced by his upbringing in the chaotic and complex central part of Bangkok. His work revisits everyday situations, objects, and memories through the ritual of creation and reappropriation based on the plurality of Thai belief systems such as Buddhism, superstition, spirituality, and animism. In Bloody Stones (2014), Parinot collects one piece of broken pavement every day in Bangkok as a form of ‘ritual’, dipping each fragment in specially prepared paint he mixes of different components such as acrylic emulsion paint, gesso, fluorescent pigments, Chinese ink, detergents, energy drinks, boxing liniment (herbal oil), and electrolytes. After submerging the stones he throws them against a wood panel placed in the exhibition space: the impact creates accidental ‘figures’ on the panel, seemingly appearing on their own.  Parinot has exhibited at Tenderpixel, London (2018); Cartel Artspace, Bangkok (2017); TARS Gallery, Bangkok (2016); Speedy Grandma Gallery, Bangkok (2015); and The Invisible Dog Art Center, New York (2012). He lives and works in Bangkok and London.