Saroot Supasuthivech graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in mix-media arts from the Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Silpakorn University, Bangkok, in 2015. His interests lie in oral histories and personal narratives of different places that have never been recorded before. He often transforms the remaining substances founded in geographical locations into moving images, figures, and sounds in his installations.

Saroot has participated in a number of group exhibitions, most recently including Watch and Chill: Streaming Art to Your Homes, MMCA, M+, MAIIAM, MCAD(2021); ᘐ (Qi), Nova Contemporary, Bangkok (2020); Footnotes on Institution. Gallery VER, Bangkok (2019); ThaiTai Re-conversation: Based on True Story, About Photography, Bangkok (2018); BACC Early Years Project #2, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok (2017); and Pop Up Museum (Model Study for Nongpho Community), Ratchaburi (2014).