b. 1997, Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand​

Lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand


Supawich Weesapen is a Thai contemporary artist who exceeds the limitation of technical precision paintings in interpreting phenomena through a multitude of realities. Working primarily with oil on canvas, he depicts hyper-digital environments through a monochromatic lens, envisioning the metaphorical possibilities of the digital age, the sublime and the psychological state of being. Interested in the connection between human senses and subjective phenomena, his works investigate the various materialities, blending both the spiritual and the scientific morphing together what exists and what is unknown in hazy figurative forms and imagined spaces. His peculiar juxtapositions become the agency by which Weesapen can explore systems of nature, rather than the system that he currently lives in. In association with his painting, his writings aid to compliment the timeline of the paintings, co-existing with the elusive hallucinations of ordinary objects into depictions simulating that of a digital screen. The radiance of Weesapen’s paintings—their luminosity, their brilliance— limns an image of time, even while demonstrating that time is an illusion, a concept the artist elaborates on as his oeuvre evolves.