Aracha Cholitgul

b.1988, Bangkok, Thailand
Lives and works in Koh Phangan, Thailand 

In her wide-ranging practice of drawing, painting, installation, and writing, Cholitgul's practice constantly attempts to translate obscurity and uncertainty into visual form. Diagnosed with severe myopia and astigmatism as a child, the blurring of perception has long been a lived experience for the artist. Her oeuvre has since been defined by enigmatic ambivalence, depicting and challenging the ways humans see and perceive. Distorted landscapes, objects and characters, almost Surrealist in their whimsical, dream-like fragmentation, reoccur throughout Cholitgul's imagery. Her works exist in realms of the liminal, defining ambiguity through the composite and eccentric, then travelling through the bodily, mental, and physical. The artist's interest in obscurity even moves beyond the self: she tackles the vague externalizations of distance, nostalgia, and escapism, using the spatial to question memory and location.