“ “ : Kamin Lertchaiprasert

“                   “ is a solo exhibition of an established Thai artist Kamin Lertchaiprasert. The exhibition will present Lertchaipraser’s full interpretations on ontology, the metaphysics dealing with the nature of being in the gallery spaces of Nova Contemporary and Numthong Art Space.

“                   “, a blank in quotation marks, is actually the blank filled with Lertchaiprasert’s name in white, giving the appearance of being empty. It queries the very idea of “Seeing is believing.” The title of each work is part of aesthetic system, which instills the delicate layers with the spatial quality. 

In Nova Contemporary, the wall text accompanied by the poem The Lost Pearl from the Daoism philosopher Chuang Tzu with the sculpture The Door without Door as the first piece to encounter, following by the huge painting The Missing Stone in the center wall of the gallery space adding on the timeless and timely painting ๘.๒๑-๘.๓๑ (8.21-8.31) on the upstairs gallery space. The sculpture Breath in - Breath out in the middle of gallery space opens and concludes his daily meditation and the circle of his belief. Lertchaiprasert taps the field of in-between, the illusion of gaining and losing, the mediation of the emptiness, the weightlessness of consciousness, and the temporal and experiential of time through print, painting, sculpture and video. 

For Lertchaiprasert, art is a ritualistic practice aimed at the achievement of a greater understanding of oneself, nature, and the world as a whole. The naturalism and relativism with ultimately skepticism, the open-minded toleration and the anarchism pervade in his art; it indicates the artist’s thoughts on true freedom.