Latthpon Korkiatarkul

art4d No. 258, 1 May 2018

Latthpon Korkiatarkul
Artist, 1988

Latthpon Korkiatarkul's reputation rose after being selected as one of the artists in Bangkok University's BRANDNEW Art  2012. The issues he discusses in his art are interesting, not because it's a big idea that can change the society at the micro level, but as an observation of meanings of everyday objects that get people questioning and reevaluating the life they lead.

art4d:  Do you think freedom of expression affects one's creative ability?
Latthpon Korkiatarkul: The more freedom we have, the greater our ability to talk or express something in a clear. straightforward way. When your freedon is limited, it forces you to be more resourceful in getting your message across even being under such constraint because you can't say everything directly. It's fun in a way, but if it's too much, it's never good.

art4d: When you work, what is the thing that seems to be the least important but turn out to be the most important?
Latthpon Korkiatarkul: A full-time job.