Prae Pupityastaporn in Last Words

ROH Projects, Jakarta
Prae Pupityastaporn is included in Last Words at ROH Projects, Jakarta. 

Last Words began as a series of informal conversations between a number of artists based in Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia, with the intention to regularly check on and reconnect with each other in light of respective isolative environments during the pandemic. 

This dialogue would grow in scope through the invitation of all of the participating artists, and coincided with ROH’s invitation to participate in RHE: Galleries Curate, a series of interconnected presentations developed by a global gallery network, surrounding the theme of water and its flow. 


The works in Last Words look at the idea of water from numerous vantage points and perspectives— empirical properties, metaphorical connotations, relationships to spirituality, implications to the quotidian, the essential role it plays in nature, as well as the more sublime and speculative. 


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20 November 2021 - 4 February 2022