ART021 Shanghai 2019: Aracha Cholitgul

Shanghai Exhibition Centre, 7 - 10 November 2019 

Nova Contemporary is participating in ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair during November 7th to the 10th 2019, taking place in the Shanghai Exhibition Centre. This is a collaboration with Roh Projects, a gallery based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We have selected works from one of our represented artists, Aracha Cholitgul, who will be showcasing a new series of works that have not yet been displayed before. 


Aracha Cholitgul (b.1988, Bangkok, Thailand) is an interdisciplinary artist whose works focus on exploring new perspectives and meanings through paintings, drawings, installations, and writings. Cholitgul is interested in history, intertwining both personal experiences with the influence of spirituality and intimacy and delving into the emotional response and beliefs that can be anticipated from others and herself. Cholitgul considers norms, societal beliefs and rituals within her work, highlighting commonplace ideas and day-to-day practices through a personal lens with her biomorphic but narrative pieces of work.