Art Stage Singapore 2018: Tada Hengsapkul

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, 25 - 28 January 2018 
Booth C6 Public Opening 12pm - 9pm

Nova Contemporary is pleased to present The Shards Would Shatter at Touch, a solo presentation by Tada Hengsaplul, at Art Stage 2018 Singapore from 25 - 28 January 2018.



The Shards Would Shatter at Touch is an interactive installation by Tada Hengsapkul (born 1987, Korat). Forty-nine pieces of cloth are painted with black thermochro- mic paint. You are invited to touch these, and hold them to your chest. The heat of your body will cause an image to appear: a portrait of one of Thailand’s many political prisoners, past and present. Further information about these activists is provided; the artist remediates this data by facilitating an empathic bodily embrace. First presented in Bangkok in 2017, this exhibition was visited by military police, and closed due to political pressure. This de facto censorship is typical of the increasingly repressive climate around dissent in Thailand.



- Dr. Roger Nelson -